Support and Privacy Policy

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We are parent and kid-centric developers. We have designed iRewardChart for use by parents, with the kids. The following information may be helpful to understand how the app works, privacy and the collection of data.

*DATA COLLECTION: iRewardChart makes use of analytics software. Third party analytics companies may access anonymous data on my behalf about your device, generic location (based on IP not GPS), and app use to provide me an aggregate summary about how the app is used.

For the sync feature to work, iRewardChart does collect all the data including the chart, star balances, rewards setup and rewards history, tasks settings, children's profile details, such as image, name. The data is transferred via a secure connection, and stored on our online database encrypted. When more than one device is connected to the account, the data then is transferred to the new device. For the sync to work, any data from all the connected devices in the account is passed back and forth via our cloud infrastructure.

*LINKS: There are links in the app to our website, to our social media channels such as Facebook, and Twitter.

*Disabling internet access before opening the app will prevent any data from being sent, and restrict access via links.

ADS: Our app does not have any third party ads.

IN APP PURCHASING: iRewardChart makes use of in-app purchasing to upgrade the trial version to the pro version. On Android, however, it doesn't make use of any in-app purchasing.

SOCIAL MEDIA: iRewardChart connects to social media upon setup by parents. The social media connection is used to post your child's achievement certificates, or charts to Facebook or Twitter.